Found at the south of Musgrave Park and just off Cordelia Street, the Jagera Community Hall is a meeting place. A hub for community in South Brisbane, Musgrave Park is a gorgeous space where many people gather - be it for sport, for friendship or for activism. *IN PROGRESS*

Hall Amenities

With several sections, Jagera Community Hall is an excellent space for many different activities. The main entrance leads into the hall proper, where many people can meet and come together, with power supply for various needs. There is also a kitchen attached to the hall. *IN PROGRESS*

~ Unfunded Groups~
  • For those looking for a space for groups where the group is unfunded or unincorporated
  • $20 per hour, $75 for HD, $150 for FD
  • Submissions confirmed and responded to by the Hall Commmittee
~ Funded Groups and Individuals ~
  • For funded organisations or individuals looking for a meeting or event space
  • $50 per hour, $190 for HD, $380 for FD
  • Assessed on a case by case basis
~ Indigenous Gatherings ~
  • For groups who are organising community gatherings to support and benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • $20 per hour, $75 for HD, $150 for FD
  • Hall Committee assesses and waives some fees in some cases


121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane 4101 QLD